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PVC systems

We focus on the highest quality of products offered.


PVC window and door work

We produce PVC and aluminium window and door work from KBE and VEKA profiles. Our offer includes various systems fulfilling the requirements for moderns windows. The offer has been developed on the basis of external demands of the market, presenting a wide range of possibilities.

A wide range of KBE and VEKA profiles covers all recognized system options - modern versions with the depth of 70 and 88 mm, systems with a glazing gasket, systems with a central gasket, and systems of entrance doors.
A very important argument for choosing windows from KBE and VEKA profiles is the fact of using chemical stabilizers based on zinc and calcium (GREENLINE), completely excluding the use of lead.

Choosing the product with GREENLINE allows to keep the quality and durability of a modern PVC window over many generations, since window profiles stabilized with GREENLINE are exemplarily resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, and therefore particularly durable.

A PVC window of the future is manufactured with the use of 100% lead-free material.


Advantages of PVC constructions

What is really important when purchasing PVC work:

  • A global brand with longstanding experience
  • Complete approvals and certificates
  • The class of profiles
  • RAL Mark
  • ITB Approval
  • Certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene
  • CNBOP (certifying agency of the Polish state fire brigade) Fire Certificate
  • CE Mark
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
  • solid steel reinforcement

PVC work manufactured from VEKA and KBE profiles meets all these requirements and many more


Tilt&turn fittings

Our windows are equipped with reliable WINKHAUS autoPilot fittings.
WINKAUS has been an innovative and proven tilt&turn fitting systems for many years. Thanks to its functionality, safety and stability, as well as easy machining and versatility, it is a leading fitting system on the market.

Within the autoPilot system, there are plenty of fitting options adjusted to the needs of different groups of customers, as their requirements concerning safety, comfort and aesthetic characteristics may vary. Expanding the name of the fitting with a descriptive word, e.g. Comfort or Elegance, describes an additional value that a customer received by using this particular solution. For instance, autoPilot Comfort is a great offer for those who look for improved comfort of use, whereas autoPilot Elegance is perfect for those who place particular emphasis on the window aesthetics.

Window fittings Window fittings Window fittings

Our window fittings are reliable and durable. You may adjust the window easily.
An eccentric roll pin allows manual adjustment of sash closing pressure to the window frame within the range of +/-0.8mm

Window fittings

Aparts from standard fitting, we also recommend fittings with improved burglary protection.

Burglary protection class 1 or 2 fittings have elements that hinder breakout of the sash from the window frame. In case of Winkhaus fittings, these elements are mushroom-shaped locking pins placed on the window sash.

"The “mushrooms” cooperate with steel clips mounted on the window frame, connecting the sash with the frame steadily. The place of cooperation between the mushroom and the clip is the so-called “safe point”. The more safe points along the perimeter of the window, the higher burglary protection.

A window with class 1 protection must be equipped with a fitting with at least 4 safe points. In class 2 protection it is necessary for every locking point to be a safe point at the same time. Every window with improved burglary protection must have a certified handle with a key according to prEN 1627 standard. The handle protects the window in case the burglar cuts out or breaks window glass to turn the handle by reaching it with the hand from the outside. A handle locked with a key does not allow to open the window in such a way.

Window fittings Window fittings


Window glass

One of the main tasks set before window glass is to protect against indoor heat loss to the outside. An additional aspect is the protection against excessive heating up of the rooms.


Fig. presenting the construction of a glass unit


Thermally insulated joined glazing (glass unit) GG CLIMAPLUS consists of two glass panes: one of them has an invisible layer of precious metal combination, and another is a float-type pane. A thin layer invisible to the eye transmits sunlight and energy to the inside, preventing heat from escaping the room to the outside at the same time. The space between the glass panes may be filled with noble gas, additionally reducing the thermal transmittance U-value. The space between the glass panes is hermetically sealed and moisture-free. Glass panes are separated with a frame made of metal or a special thermal insulation material SGG SWISSPACER.


  • Thanks to the proper choice of glass, you ensure:
  • saving heat and energy cost
  • optimal room temperature in summer and winter
  • high light transmission
  • reduced transmission of UV radiation
  • environmental protection through reduced carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere

Ready applications of glass units are assembled in our windows. You may choose any type of glass according to your needs, e.g.:

  • glass units protecting against noise,
  • glass units protecting against the sun,
  • glass units providing safety,
  • glass units providing thermal comfort,
  • self-cleaning glass (BIOCLEAN),
  • glass with “a warm frame” (SWISSPACER),




Apart from glass fillings, we also offer other filling types, e.g. aluminium panels, ready door fillings, and multi-layered boards.



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